the bank manger got to sort a few things out ?make sure ya spair tires pumped up is ya get a flat ....hey dude we have problee done some shit for the day too........he got them sused hey ??????????.what do u really think it is. get the sorry st8t , the guy thay cant get a way with it . do u see thue this all . it gets funny if ya know what i mean . they will try. u dont know what it is do u. are u shure u know what u on about , yeah what u where told was said like that ppl ,yeah yeah thats what i thoght hey ,,,, problee???????? yeah yeah ya new it all hey .yeah heaps of shit .yeah where did it go ,ya sort of not funny , whens pay day . still got my shoes man .i problee could of use hat a few times ya know .when ya reckon hey, im telling ya bro there not right in the head .    post on ya wall and see how big u get. im telling u mate  peolpe i know...are some body.....what do u want done to thease ppl good or bad will people think ur verry nice or consitaret for what there not a were of that can be done to them or getting in too .......u cant go round telling every one that. what might not be from u mouth or others mouth .....there rubbed it in what they done , the hole fucking time,,,,,,man ,,,,,,,,,there played ball be for??????

there have to talk diffent to people other wise they might piss them off or let to much out of not a lould to tell otheres what the know ????you dont no all my acheavement in life all of the that i havet had ecreadiditdaychion for to stay a live witch ppl no who to get as a inventer ya know .....

they just strike them deal with it as a, it went on????????????????????????

as in reguards of publick safty. there for learn how we get got zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the foods or drinks  are no better with infomation thats be put ford to use by other ppl said the psychic detectives and the hospital, people..... u would of want to of died a few times . ya tackticks are not going to work and have been informed to ppl

i got a few thing to tell people when they get older to hate life 


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bobjem crowd

billboard 2

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they block ever one like the do ring can u say some to them for me it even better check ya mail box get the cab drive to rock and devliver under my full name to call find there mutual friends have a party call the cops send them round . dont tell them whats going on hey till u meet up both get fake emails 



 bobjem here iv done 4 years of

door to door as sales rep 3 roots

a day and a carton i vvvs said y sale rep 

fk babe jive us ya number

im a pritty cool guy ya know????????? 

ya might all want me love, some cant 

ya shore ya my type??????

 payed to say ,,,

just showing me face?

there thing going on 

still mates ....

i said kunt, u want to fkn  know some one mate.....

be liked u might need help out one day

ppl stick up for nice ppl and back them up

it coundnt happen to a nicer person 

who ya best man at ya wedding going to be 

wheres all ur mates how come u got no mates

u no how to be a good friend yes no if not learn 

do u know to to treat and keep mates

stop fight ing over me man 

top dog

u  would have to be, a

bigger dog woundent ya

your a idoit if u try setting

people up and fking them over

people will try u dont even know 

do i look

like a money vault

i might sound like

a bank manger

what happen when we catch on to it 

hey man u might have

to be come some  

one one day


mate ya might have to suck it for

what they all do for a job to win

if ya think ya smarter then who finds out 



zoom in and out with ya both  thums in woods and out woods  better photos 






paint balljj

didi cabss

flite center

look out reston

eagle street pear


dont drink out of the tap ull get sick people washed all there air cons out down the drain brife anouncement mentel health are

going to hold me down and inject me

for spirituality voices. that im not happy with done to me and put on a ito order and put me in the nut ward to take medacation they are weirdo in there coz they cant funchion

menteal health drugs yeah get on it 

top dog

fix mental health


communicational blockers

account details change every hour

what a life. maby i was spost 2 be able  2 do some thing with mine 2.

whats the reward for the muder case 500.000

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How Good is That!

we will be doing a letter box drop soon. one every 3 to 6 months. $120 perdrop with your bussness name on there. $300 for 12 months for website advertising  renewal date on

31 october 2022 tax time

got to get paid c#%t

verry suspicious,,,,,,,,,,,,, they all got to be some what normal to at least

some one hey

or maby we could do a trade off some thing. i need for avatizing with us ...... my logo ur business is as good as ya workers boss traning i want thing ran right alllrighttt what that mean in ur head , made a video how its done so u dont have to ask me how to do it right . if u can do itbetter or qicker proper and not wastes time or where ur body out and sarfishent centerlink boos can still keep ppl on book for doing nothing 

y he got some many mates?hi bro u know how to teat a mate? tell me ?? best buds hey? ''dogs first''so they say ,dont go round dogin ppl who likes them , slinces then u hear,,,, it gets a round

maby dale thue rubbish on the ground and i had to pick it up. maby this maby that.maby they got more coz they felt sorry for them with no arms , maby  i didnt no what the mabys where.only some ,,, maby im child dish,,, love this smile baby,,, how do i get a laught like yours? nnnnnnnnnnn  nnnnnnn nnnnnn just just what i thought ?depens who knows.......hows it go??????u a idiot r ya.its going bown we yelling timeber song ,,,,,, what u hear be for this???there big blarrr blarrr blarrrr,,,,,r babe.... read bitch ... claw pickrrr

who the fk are u??????? in 50 industries all over the world with the new people , u dont no yet . when u be come world wide ,, yester day???? yeah mate doing it all mate... were u from again.. i know a few door kickers love and window bangers. and a ppl finger pokers ,, hey,,


 i like to tell ppl thing when i met then dont turn on me ?u know how to have a friends???? how ??? ppl will not turn on u if u got friends. when shit hit the fan if u know what that mean ya can die if it bad enouth dont let it get to that excreame had ppl like u that way no u are a good person and not have ppl out to get them and no no who it is coz the say they dont it to otthers ppl know this u cant do much big with out ppl know for a long lenth of time  who u going to relay on if u burn briges . if i tell u about what  when on and what got done about it , thats what i said .u get looked after and trusted and no be known as a shit cunt and have ppl around u  as good as u be couse got trained and didnt lean the hard way  and some where in life and no look over ya back all the time protect ya ass for shit  ppl droping like flys . how to live a better life . no how to deal with things. look at for ppl when u get old who going to care or look after u . have home and car inshunce . just life lession kids lean the hard way some . some one might might might retun the favour


google plants that make  oxgen the most

uv in case the sun dies

a frezzer at the poler cap gor global warmig 

clen filters o air cons frecher 

karleack rubber and oil drwn

the drain of the street filter from storm water 

and clean oil at traff lights 

ps psychics

hearing voices

2L off water one teenspoon

of salt every 2 days for a

week will fixs warts and

jive u better skin dont drink

it all the time 3 mouth brake

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the drink fixs ya lungs

as well from smoking 

life inshunce


work.. u might as well me the best at what u do,,,,for a job ,,,at it 










wormed or fleeded or fed

or hit or no water bad teeth no eating




$11 a cup min order 20 cups

0448736428 message for orders

movie world

tickit tek

bobjem limo

bobjem 2

storge shed



flower s




i max

i max  Cineplex movies

Standard Pricing (2D Films)

$8.50  Adults childen 

Pensioner ID $6.50
Children (12 and under) $5.50


homely woman cleaning air conditioner filter

clean fliter  it will be so much colder and run smoother open lid wash out

commbank logo1





dont pay tax

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Window Stickers


tf9RM0WM 400x400


hillcrest indoor

pistol club


cash converters loan 

cash converters


46742243 10155906862692322 6364341689502400512 n the name says it all


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70 million cars made in a year $1 profit each one 

=70 million


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A Professional Storyteller in your area makes on average $51,655 per year, or $1,196 (2%) more than the national average annual salary of $50,459.

a forklift with a camera on top of boom and a speed revers sencer and parking sensencer that beeps . red light  so u can stop from run ppl over

track to track train ride my idear

marine ply sheets to build a fencne and varnish stop roting in the ground seal it 

marine ply roof sealing in house wont sage of have screw dimpes

mandertory a can should com with a car shand to use when usein a jack

wobby wheel sencer on car if wheel nuts are too lose ya no

my idear

a a hole oe sencer in toilet that dont over flow same with sink

and barths 

my iear 123456789 gears on a ship lower revs saves

Large cruise ships can use as much as 250 tons of fuel a day (80,000 gallons). Medium-sized cruise ships can have daily fuel consumption between 140-150 tons. This means that the ship will be consuming 30 to 50 gallons per day per mile traveled.idear

all ice skaters at ice skateing  ring should where a metal  arms mess sleave so they dont get there finger ran over and choped off if u fall over and run over them  my idear 

a stair car that can change from ramp to steps my idear

fire heat proff paint on house roofs

i got 30 idear like this 


car carryer



reverse in have bolard to run in to if bad driver, load boot

put troll down middle my idear






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 122708167 10157679666847322 1859076241251547260 o


122338665 10157679621887322 7599194535129960103 o


99404450 10157292641912322 2291962228963803136 o










stop rust in ya car stops it rusting

g99439838 10157292641922322 7002419060541489152 ofrt

101059464 10157292642022322 3911372277756723200 o

 53082575 10156106037022322 6862923191396859904 n


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mentel helt 2mentel helt 2




 cars from $180 trucks from $240 u can get one free windsceen on inshunce a year dont for get bobjem sent u  by the time i pay travel wages im  better off ppl droping off to me dont have wait in traffic get fines get lot more done faster  20 a hr running travel wages and knoing where u live dog bits and 

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 u can get one free windsceen on inshunce a year

dont for get bobjem sent u wont hurt ya hip pocket by the time i pay travel wages im  better off ppl droping off to me dont have wait in traffic get fines get lot more done faster  20 a hr running travel wages and knoing where u live dog bits and 

tell bobjem sent u





john p



all so john pettit private investigators








free car body removal and sand blasting  0473069578 neal


$20 naked lap dances asks for chelsea The Cabaret Nightclub 217 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006 ps no touching between the legs dont want to get band no refunds



rebecca ellem green park graden club 34023226





reo tino




ring stopring stop supplement can buy on e bay


 cleans arties



skinny feet







 put lube in a comdom and wank it on ya privet parts


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beauxi cellulite cream


81X4iGrS7zL. SY355  

for soft skin on ya face and privet parts


s l640


n buy on ebay

hearinggoogle the name

rain x

this stuff is awsome in bad wet makes ran turn in to

beeds so u dont need wipers as much weather rain x


seat in car or home or gyms of jackits


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56837336 10156190931002322 1785304766918688768 n




0448736428 call to azatize on web site


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