Competitions, raffles, bingo and other charitable games.

Art unions, raffles, bingo, lucky envelopes, Calcutta sweeps and promotional games (trade promotions or competitions) are regulated under the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999.

Under the Act, these different games are broken into categories, some of which require a licence.

Category 1 games

  • Includes raffles (art unions), sweeps, Calcutta sweeps, football doubles, lucky door prizes, bingo
  • Gross proceeds are not more than $2,000
  • The total value of prizes in any raffle must be at least 20% of the estimated gross proceeds (total ticket sales)
  • Can be conducted by a non-profit association and, in limited cases, an individual
  • Read the Guide to category 1 games up to $2000 (total ticket sales)
  • Does not require a licence